VERDE SMART DATA is the IT company of TUD group that develops modern IT applications, dedicated to the public sector.

Our role is to relieve local public authorities of the resource-consuming activities (human/time), offering innovative IT solutions that lead to the optimization of internal activities and to considerable savings.

The solutions developed under the ‘VERDE’ umbrella, offer public institutions the alternative of efficient work, within several dedicated online platforms.

With the help of these, they can improve their internal decision-making processes and can present the investment projects undertaken and budget information to the citizens of the community in an easy way.

Verde reabilitare 
Thermal rehabilitation program

Verde Data
Management of the credit contracts and
the Debt Service reporting

Verde Buget
Graphically translates the budget of local public authorities


Presents the thermal rehabilitation program together with the specific technical information,
undertaken by local public authorities

The platform has a dual functionality:



For the citizens:

offers the possibility to follow in real time, the implementation stage of the thermal rehabilitation program, through eloquent images and access to the specific technical documentation;

For public authorities and builders/site supervisors:

offers a complete visibility and managing platform for the projects and technical documents that underpin their implementation.

The platform provides access to:

  • The local community interactive map – which provides the opportunity to view the ongoing projects and obtain their specific information, using an interactive and intuitive dashboard that allows citizens to explore the projects of interest;
  • The project implementation stage – provides users with the opportunity to follow the execution stages for thermal rehabilitation projects, both centralized at the level of the public authority and individually on each block scale;
  • Permanent updated information – the database is constantly updated with new information and documents as rehabilitation projects are implemented so that citizens and City Hall decision-makers can keep track of the up-to-date situation of the thermal rehabilitation projects.



Management of the credit contracts and the Debt Service reporting

The platform is a modern and easy to use tool to fulfill the legal obligations of the municipality in the process of reporting the Debt Service.

The platform has a dual functionality:

Creating an electronic database;

Managing committed finance contracts (loans and guarantees);

Automatically generate reports on the Public Debt Service (Annex no. 3 and Annex no. 8);

Reports on the situation of loans and guarantees;

Generates useful reports on the size of contracted facilities or on the facilities that will be contracted.


Electronic application that graphically translates the City Hall’s budget

The platform presents an overview of the local community by translating the budget into graphical representations and in an easy to understand language for any user without a specialization in financial and/or administrative public services.

Thus, access to information becomes easier, presented in a set of correlated data, which facilitates the citizen’s information on how to manage public money by:


Creating a data storage platform that gives you the ability to easily view and analyze your financial data at certain time intervals;


Interactive features and presentation of financial information in context, with explanations, support materials or references for a bigger picture;

Section ‘Citizen’s Contribution’ – a simulator in which, based on the introduced salary, the direct contribution to the local budget is presented.


TUD Group is constantly seeking to develop projects and programs designed to generate a change for the better, whether we refer to local public authorities or private entities. Do not hesitate to use our services and competencies because we can only invest together in the future!