Through the services we offer, we seek to increase performance by identifying the most viable financing tools and providing cost-effective financial services to achieve investment objectives. From financial or technical advice to IT solutions and platforms that maximize efficiency, the services we provide aim to provide the predictable climate that generates Investments of the future.

Consultanta de InvestitiiInvestment

Consultanta FinanciaraFinancial

Solutii informaticeIT

Consultanta tehnica de specialitateExpert technical


TUD Investment Consulting is the first Romanian company, authorized by the ASF, to offer professional investment financial services, dedicated to the public sector.

Our role is to facilitate our clients’ access to the necessary resources for maximizing own funds and financial management.

In this sense, we provide recommendations regarding one or several types of financial instruments of buying, selling or maintaining, including facilitating the transfer of the contracted financial instrument.

Analysis of financial instruments (loans, bonds)

Professional assistance in buying / selling financial instruments

Market analysis

Recommendations on portfolio selection and transaction cost assessment

Risk assessment and calculation of specific prudential indicators

Reporting and financial monitoring

Preventing and combating money laundering

  • The information published below with respect to the provisions of the CNVM Measures no. 8/11.03.2010 on preventing and combating money laundering and of financing terrorist activities
  • Public declarations of the MONEYVAL Committee issued by the MONEYVAL Committee:
  • International Financial Action Group (G.A.F.I./F.A.T.F.) Public declarations issued by the International Financial Action Group:
  • National Office for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering (O.N.P.C.S.B.):

Financial consultancy services specialized in establishing the optimal structure and identifying financing sources

Support services during the internal analysis phase of the financing bank until a firm offer of financing

Assistance in negotiating with potential financiers, in order to obtain the most advantageous financing conditions

Develops business models for ESCO-type projects that guarantee energy performance

TUD Financial Solutions offers financial consultancy services for local public authorities and for private companies.

Our role is to facilitate the access of local public authorities and private companies to the necessary resources for implementing investment projects.

In this sense, we provide our clients with integrated financial consultancy services, through specialized assistance, starting with the definition and modeling of the optimal financing structures until the financial monitoring of the projects subject to the financing object.


Verde Smart Data ensure the visibility of TUD partner public institutions through a range of modern applications that meet the need for technology and efficiency of internal operations.

Thus, we provide our clients with the necessary tools that allow them not only to achieve a high level of professionalism but also a greater public visibility.

Presents real time technical information specific to the investment projects


Management of the credit contracts and the Debt Service reporting


Graphically translates the budget of local public authorities


Consultancy in the implementation of projects to increase energy efficiency


Estimation of energy consumption for buildings with simple and complex technical systems


Identifying complex solutions for building energy-efficient buildings, NZEB, Passive House

Identification, inventory and prioritization of public buildings and residential buildings

Establishing the technical prioritization mechanism and the required operational flow

Professional Engineering Solutions offers professional technical consultancy and expert assistance in establishing and implementing optimal solutions for increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases emissions.

Our role is of supporting public authorities in structuring, adapting and implementing the best solutions in the field of energy efficiency.


TUD Group is constantly seeking to develop projects and programs designed to generate a change for the better, whether we refer to local public authorities or private entities. Do not hesitate to use our services and competencies because we can only invest together in the future!